Podiatrists Services


Podiatrists are trained to assess, diagnose and treat all kinds of foot problems. Everybody needs a regular foot check-up. Podiatrists are trained to screen, treat and provide the much-needed advice on proper foot care, footwear and gait analysis.

The human foot is a complex body structure. With 29 bones connecting to tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints, the body’s mobility and a long host of other bodily functions and activities depend almost entirely on a healthy foot. Even with the absence of pain, problems such as foot malfunctions, misalignment, and malformation can lead to other parts of the body overcompensating, resulting into a series of other problems including back, knee and hip pain.

The bulk of a podiatrist work is aimed at prevention and educating. They can advise you on right workplace footwear or on the type of shoe to wear to prevent most of the well-known foot problems. For diabetics, podiatrists can perform a diabetic foot check-up and offer the right advice on diabetic foot care. Although a vast majority of the general population experience foot pain at some point in life, foot problems are NOT normal and people don’t have to live with them.

Out team of podiatrists are at the forefront when it comes treating foot-related muscle, joints and bones disorders. To ensure that all our podiatrists stay relevant and at the top of their paediatrician profession, we have established a clinical system that ensures all our treatments exceed the required standards.


Our podiatric surgeons are trained to perform a broad range of inpatient and outpatient foot procedures including:

  • · Repair of hammertoes and bunions, which develop in stages and may eventually become chronically painful especially when one is diagnosed with arthritic disorders.
  • · Treatment of ulceration’s and wounds.
  • · Repair of ankle and foot fractures from sport-related injuries and accidents.
  • · Repair of torn or ruptured tendons of the ankle and foot.
  • · Repair of adult-acquired and congenital foot and ankle deformities such as foot deformities and flatfoot.

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